Comparing The Bible: A Classical Of Catholicism And Christianity

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The Bible is a classical of Catholicism and Christian. It is combined by the old testament and the new testament. It was first written and confirmed in Hebrew (the old testament) from about 1500BC to the first century. The new testament was written from the end of the first century. Catholic and Christian fought for it, especially through the Reformation. It causes the revelation of two churches. Give the new idea to the person that time and improve the society from that time to present. It still relevant to people now. You can easily find that through festivals. You can also find it by comparing the attitude people think about death.
Then how it can cause the revelation what the new idea is to improve the society? We can find it through …show more content…

He translated the Bible to English. His idea is the Bible should be the only law of the church and the church need work for the civilian not the noble. The church shouldn’t collect the taxes from the king. His He also sent the priest to spread the Gospel. His death promoted the Reformation a lot. The one who follow him is famous—Martin Luther. He against the church, too. He wrote an essay about Romans. He supported “Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.” (Romans 5:1). What meant you can be saved just by faith. So, the indulgence wasn’t useful anymore. His idea has promoted the anti-feudal struggle of the general public. He defeated the catholic church and feudal forces. The supreme rule of both church. John Calvin ‘s idea is like Martin Luther. God got an unconditional election to the people around the world, and he’s grace is irresistible. Those persons’ ideas made Europeans begin to emphasize the independence of individual beliefs, liberate to their own thoughts and further spread the humanism since the Resistance. It played a subtle but very important role in the development of Western society. Until 1517, the Roman Catholic Church is the only religion on that land. People

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