Comparison Of Medicaid And Medicare

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In the United States, many people are without health care insurance due to having a financial crisis. Most elderly, the disabled, and lower-income families can contest to being without health care coverage at all. Not being able to afford or have healthcare insurance occurs because medical insurance is very costly. Selecting the right health care insurance can greatly impact a person life expectancy. With the help of government support programs, many people can have the choice of healthcare insurance. The goal of this essay paper is to explain the differences and similarities in healthcare insurance programs. Two types of healthcare insurance Medicaid and Medicare Medicaid and Medicare are two major government-sponsored health care programs that enacted in 1965. Harrison and Harrison (2013) define that Medicare provides healthcare benefits to those generally over age 65, and Medicaid a companion program establishing government reimbursement for healthcare cost for the indigent were authorized in Social Security. The two programs were part of President Lyndon B. Johnson “Great Society”, program that addresses health insurance for the elderly and the poor. The intentions of the plan were to help meet the need of people who needed healthcare. …show more content…

Medicaid assist to the low to no income individuals and families. The Medicaid insurance cover adults but children are more likely to be eligible for

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