Comparison Of The Glen Ridge Rape And Glen Ridge Rape

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Glen Ridge Rape Case vs Steubenville Rape Case
The victims in both cases are different but have a few similarities in the cases. In the Glen Ridge Rape Case a woman with an intellectual disability was assaulted. This woman who was identified as M.G., was lured into the basement by a group of male athletes that went to the same high school as her. She was known in the community for her disability making her easy to manipulate and there were a few instances where people did take advantage of her disability and convinced her to do things that were wrong and sometimes inappropriate (“The Glen Ridge Rape”,2003). The other victim is a young girl whose name was not given, and she was raped at a high school party after getting highly intoxicated. Many witnesses say that they saw her passed out, unable to walk, and even called her a mess during the time. There were various pictures and videos of her posted that night where the statements of the witnesses were confirmed (Strasser,2013). Both victims were taken advantage of and thankfully their rapists were both convicted. The first case was a little more difficult because there’s always going to be an issue with disability and consent. The other victim’s consent could not be given because of her intoxication.
The perpetrators in the first case were high school athletes. The perpetrators supposedly knew the victim from childhood and knew about her disability. The disability is the reason that they targeted her

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