The Case Of Brock Turner As A Victim Of Rape

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Do you view the young woman as a victim of rape, even though she was under the influence and the defendant never penetrated her with his penis? - Yes, I see the young woman as a victim of rape because whether or not he penetrated her with his penis, he had the intent to because her underwear was off, her legs were spread open, he was erect, and he was on top of her as if he was having sex with her. Also, the young woman was unconscious at the time and had no idea this was even taking place. Brock Turner clearly had gone after someone he knew he could get something out of because at the time the victim could not verbally consent to him. Do you think Brock Turner's six-month sentence was fair? If yes, why? If not, what do you think it reveals …show more content…

I agree in the sentencing memo that sentencing Brock Turner to probation wont teach him a lesson, wont teach future offenders a lesson, and it doesn’t serve any justice to the victim. Also, Brock Turner receiving a 3-month jail sentence teaches future offenders that if they commit this act on school property, or anywhere for that matter, and have a clean criminal history, that they could possibly be given a shorter sentence. Also, I think the judge in this case should’ve taken into consideration that Brock was previously pulled over by campus police, after an on foot chase, for consuming alcohol under age and also possessing a fake identification card. This should’ve shown the judge that Brock has had history with drinking under age and while under the influence of alcohol, these are the types of decisions he is making. What this case revealed about the nature of our court system is that those who commit heinous acts towards unconscious people and sexually assault them can get away with it by be given a light sentence. The only message being relayed is that its “acceptable” to sexually assault someone and not have to pay the full price for the action. This is what was trying to be avoided by lawyers, students at Stanford, and individuals all of the United States. Many people wanted to see Brock Turner face up to years in

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