Comparison: Temple Grandin And War Of The Wall

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Throughout the empathy and short story unit I learned about how you can see the world differently through different perspectives. I learned that you can see the world differently through watching and reading movies and stories. You can learn to see the world differently by watching the movie “Temple Grandin”, reading “Thank you, M’am”, “War of the Wall”, and a few other short stories. In the movie “Temple Grandin” I learned that when you have autism that it can be difficult to learn how everyone else is leading in the classroom. During the movie when the French teacher asked Temple to read aloud what the book said, temple looked at the page and closed her eyes. Then the teacher asked her to read and temple read with her eyes word for word what the page had said. This showed that Temple could use her photographic memory to learn. She could only do this because of her autism. This part in the movie reminded me of a student my mom once had. This student at the time was a first grader and had autism. He was a very smart kid, he could memorize the numbers on the back of teacher's room keys. He came up to my mom one day and flipped over her key and read the number. He immediately said “ no, this isn't right.” And walked away. He knew her key number from the year before, but it had changed this year. …show more content…

Jones teaches Roger a lesson. Mrs. Jones teaches him that it is not okay to steal. Roger needed to learn that there is a difference between needing and wanting something. Mrs. Jones told Roger “ I was young once and I wanted things I could not get.” This told Roger he needed to ask himself if he really needed the blue suede shoes or if he just wanted them. At the end of the story Mrs. Jones gave Roger ten dollars to go buy himself a pair of blue suede shoes. When I was younger I remember my parents telling me at the store, “ do you really need that or do you just want

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