Power Of Love In The Gift Of The Magi

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Imagine willingly sacrificing your most valued possession for someone. Or having to cut off and sell all your hair to buy someone a gift. In the Gift of the Magi the author O.Henry teaches us about the power of actions influenced by love and how sacrificing something important because of that can have a huge impact on people. In the story the characters Della and Jim sacrifice their most prized possession for each other, the characters learn they didn 't need to buy each other gifts to show their love, and even though Della and Jim lost their most valued items and the gift they got in return was no longer of any use, to them the characters were wise with giving gifts. In this story, the author teaches us through lessons learned from the protagonists of the story, Della and Jim. The characters sacrifice their most prized possessions for each other -- out of love -- but it ends up contradicting. The first valued thing was Jim’s watch. The other was Della’s hair. Della and Jim are poor, and so the two sell their valued items to buy the other a gift. Jim buys Della a set of beautiful combs, though she no longer has hair. Della buys Jim a gold watch chain, though he no …show more content…

In the Gift of the Magi, O.Henry doesn 't just teach us about sacrificing, and the power it can have on people and how it can bring them closer. He also teaches us about sacrifice, caring, and being wise. These three things combined can have a great and powerful impact on people. Della and Jim were wise. They sacrificed an object for each other. They care for each other. After Della no longer had her beautiful hair and Jim his valuable gold watch, the two still loved each other and even grew closer. Jim realized how much della cared for him, and vice versa. This in turn shows us the power of sacrifice, and how it can affect people. Just by simply putting each other in front of themselves, della and Jim become closer. This is why they are wise. We can all learn a thing or two from

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