Compstat: New York City Police Department

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Compstat is a proactive and effective tool that substantially enhances the ability of police administrators to allocate and distribute police resources for the purpose of reducing crime rates.
As such, Compstat, as the foremost strategic model for the provision of police services in the United States of America (US), has wrought significant improvement in the delivery of police services by diminishing crime rates.
This has been established by the ensuing discussion.
Computer statistics (Compstat) was a term that had been made by the New York City Police Department in the 1990s. This system has engendered profound change in the collection, management and dissemination of crime data by police agencies across the nation. Furthermore, Compstat …show more content…

These are: first, the delivery of timely and accurate information to the personnel at each and every level of an organization. Second, selection of the most effective tactics for addressing specific issues. Third, the swift and focused deployment of personnel and resources to implement such tactics. Fourth, persistent follow-up and evaluation, in order to decipher what had transpired to undertake further tactical assessments wherever so warranted (Willis, 2011, p. 658). Such elements of the Compstat approach are vividly portrayed during the bi-weekly Compstat Crime Control Strategy Meetings of the NYPD. In these meetings, the precinct commanders report to the highest officials of the department and describe the crime related issues in their districts and the action undertaken by them to address them. These confabulations take place in an environment that is replete with crime …show more content…

The NPD proved to be eminently suited for that study, on account of several factors, including: first, it had adopted Compstat since the year 1997 (Yüksel, 2015, p. 112). Second, it was not averse to the conduct of interviews. Third, the NPD was large in size, had a substantial amount of crime, was quite similar to the New York Police Department (NYPD), and it had experienced significant reduction in crime rates, subsequent to the implementation of Compstat (Yüksel, 2015, p.

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