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LITERATURE REVIEW What is Structural lightweight concrete?
Structural lightweight concrete is a very important and versatile type of material in modern construction. It has various applications which include multi-storey building frames, bridges, floors, offshore oil platforms and precast or pre-stressed elements of all types. The majority of engineers, architects and contractors recognize the innate value and advantages offered by this material as evidentially proven by many existing impressive lightweight concrete structures found today around the world. Structural lightweight aggregate concrete answers the problems of weight and durability problems in many building and exposed structures. Lightweight concrete has similar strength properties as normal weight concrete, yet it’s easily 25% to 35% lighter. Structural lightweight concrete is also flexible in terms of its design and it reduces costs substantially by
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Nawy, Structural lightweight concrete must have a minimum compressive strength of 17Mpa. Yet as technology has advanced, offshore platforms have been designed with concrete with a compressive strength range of 48.3-62.1MPa when measured at 28 days. This is as such not only in order to withstand normal and subfreezing temperatures but also subarctic and arctic temperatures making it versatile to be used for platforms in any sea. Generally, lightweight concrete can be made with foaming agents which are used as admixtures. These admixtures create a build-up of air in the concrete in order to give it its floating properties and its lightness. Usually, the shrinkage of lightweight concrete is of similar or slightly greater amount than for normal concrete. This research study will later check if the use of plastic and aluminium in a structural lightweight concrete mixture can produce concrete of similar strength and weight, making it suitable for offshore oil platform

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