Constipedia-V. Muller's Case Study

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When Muller got fined and convicted, he appealed to the Oregon Supreme Court (Historic U.S. Court Cases: An Encyclopedia, Volume 2).After he appealed the case, the U.S. Supreme Court heard about it and decided to consider in (U.S.Constipedia/Muller-v-Oregon-1908). William D. Wenton, who was Curt’s lawyer, argued that what happened was violated the 14th amendment. Wenton had to write a very long document stating that the rule violated the amendment (U.S. Constipedia/Muller-v-Oregon-1908 (U.S. Constipedia/Muller-v-Oregon-1908). When he presented the documents to the court, he made some very strong and valid points. The points that he made led to the women’s jobs laws being regulated and improved. With the new rule, women were allowed to work

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