Copper Hydrate Lab

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- A hydrate is a salt that contains water as a part of its crystal structure. The hydrate used in this lab was Copper (ll) Sulfate Pentahydrate. To heat the hydrate in this lab a crucible is needed. A crucible is a heat resistant container used to heat things to high temperatures. In this lab a mole was used to determine the measurements of all substances. A mole is a unit of measurement that follows the rule of ; 1.00 mole = molar mass = 6.02 x 10^23 atoms/ ions/ molecules / formula units = 22.4 L of any gas at standard temperature and pressure. That formula was used to determine the mass of the anhydrated substance. A anhydrate is a substance with water heated out of it. The purpose of this lab was to determine how many moles of water are

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