Cornerback Narrative

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“It was a quiet day at the park,” David tells his grandchildren. “I was moping around and thinking about how I once again didn’t get the part I wanted on my 6 grade football team.” “Grandpa, get to the point,” his grandson Tom says. “I was the running back and one of the best our team has ever seen. Nobody was even thinking about changing it…” his voice drifted off as he leaned back in the rocking chair and gazed at the roof of his log cabin. He recalls him during the tryouts, running suicides (shuttles) and sweating. “Looks like you’re going to be running back again,” coach Bob tells him. “Ok,” sighs Bob, too busy thinking about his dream position. “Grandpa,” says his granddaughter, Sam, asks. “Oh, yeah, know where was I?” “You were telling us about you being the running back again,” mumbles Joe, because he has already heard the story. …show more content…

I was a fan of the Bears, and I loved Walter Payton. But my true hero was the cornerback (person who guards a wide receiver). I can’t even recall his name, It was so long ago. Anyway, I was heading to Evergreen Park, in Lowell, Indiana, when “American Pie” was still playing on the radio of the Ford Mustangs. I made my parents come with me because I wanted to practice. I was a big wimp back then and didn’t ever wanted to tell anyone that I wanted to be cornerback like Charles Tillman, that's who he was.” He stares into the fireplace remembering the fateful day. “I was walking to the football field there, behind a patch of trees so no one could see us. we talked on the way and decided that my mom would be quarterback. I was guarding my dad. Little did I know that coach saw me and watched me. I ran out and made an interception on my

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