Cornie V. Arnie Case Study

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1. What constitutional rights were violated? How were they violated? Breaking and entering, illegal search, and questioning a suspect without informing him of his rights were the constitutional rights violated in this scenario. Arnie and the officer entered into the suspects home without a warrant or probable cause and they then proceeded to search his house illegal and used the evidence in the house to question him without using informing him of his rights. 2. What would have been the proper investigative steps to take? The right investigative steps would be to watch the man and when they had probable cause or enough evidence for a warrant then they could take action. They could ask to come in and if he lets them in and they find something in plain view then they can use that to arrest him. They should inform him of his rights before they ask him any questions. …show more content…

If the suspect had refused to answer questions and demanded that he be appointed a lawyer, what “pressures” could Arnie have placed on the suspect? Arnie could tell him this is only going to make it worse for you. Arnie could also say that with or without a lawyer the witnesses, fingerprints, gun, and money are enough for him to go to jail. If he cooperates now then all of that can be avoided and he can tell the judge he was

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