Correctional Psychologist's Involvement In Prison Life

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Psychologists have been working within correctional facilities since 1955 and it is a forever evolving aspect of prison life. (Anon., 2010) A Correctional Psychologist’s Involvement in Prison Life A huge part of correctional psychology is working with offenders to ensure the safety of other prisoners and those that work in such facilities. (Anon., 2016) (Corriea, 2001) A correctional psychologist deals on a daily basis with people that are depressed, and often suicidal, homicidal, or even suffering from severe mental illnesses. These can range between adjustment disorder, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia. Severe personality disorders are also extremely common and require a high level of management. These illnesses require…show more content…
(Anon., 2016) (Mauro, 2009) (Anon., 2007) As the number of mentally ill people being incarcerated increases it is becoming more and more important that correctional facilities are employing correctional psychologists with adequate training. (Daniel, 2007) The role of a correctional psychologist is extremely important in terms of crises within the correctional setting, these crises are extremely common and quite often severe. Prisoners at times tend to act upon suicidal and/or homicidal thoughts. There are many reasons for this, in most cases it is due to the imprisonment itself, and it is important that the psychologist on call is there quickly so that they may diffuse and assess the situation. The crises may be a result of things such as violence, rape as well as suicidal and homicidal actions or intentions. (Anon., 2016) (Mauro, 2009) (DeMoss, 2015) (Corriea, 2001) Other crises may include prisoners with a more severe mental illness not eating properly, not clothing themselves properly, and not using shelter adequately and even in some cases, throwing or smearing their own faeces. It is essential that someone trained in dealing with mental health is who the prisoner suffering speaks to first. (AIHW, 2015) (Corriea, 2001)The correctional psychologist makes crucial assessments on how individuals should be treated in accordance to their behaviour, and the…show more content…
Homelessness after leaving these correctional facilities is common and the system requires much improvement. (Anon., 2016) Unfortunately these systems don’t always go to plan, many people who have spent their younger years in correctional institutions find it hard to readjust and end up homeless and jobless with little motivation to change their situation. (Hall, 2015) This is an ongoing issue that seems to be only getting
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