Corruption Of Speeches In Bud Not Buddy And Steve Jobs

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Have you ever read the book Bud not Buddy and Steve jobs speech? If you have, did you realize if they were similar or not? Well if you did not, then keep reading to find out if they actually have the same central idea. In the novel Bud not Buddy, it shares a common central idea with Steve jobs commencement speech. Both text shows that they both have to face very hard moments and overcome difficult situation in their lives. Bud disputes many different situations. He always tried to achieve in what he wants to accomplish, especially what he did to find his father. He lost his mother when he was six. She died of an sickness, Bud was sent to an orphanage. After that, he was with three different foster families and then he ran away from the …show more content…

So that means he did not give up and continued with his journey in life. Steve Jobs has a very hard situation when he was young. His parents almost gave him up for adoption. Then he dropped out of college because he knew that his parents did not have enough money to pay and they were wasting all of their savings.during that moment he kept have classes of calligraphy. But more problems came. He had to collect bottles for 5 cents each. He also had no place to sleep so he slept in friends houses on the floor. Despite all of the above, he went his way and did not give up he was even able to create his own company named Apple. Years later unbelievably Steve was fired from his own company. He kept connecting the dots and again he did not give up. During that time he found his wife, and started a new company called NeXT and Pixar and he returned to Apple. He was really happy, but sadly he was diagnosed with cancer. It was a very shocking experienced but he decided to keep on fighting it and continued with his life. According to the text it says “the doctors told me this was a type of cancer that is incurable and that I should to live no longer to 3 to 6 month. My doctor advised me to go home and get my affairs in order, which is doctor’s code to prepare to die.” This shows that Steve Jobs experienced very hard times. He even had to face death, but he kept on

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