Costco Inc Membership Warehouse

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Question 1
Costco is a membership warehouse and committed to bringing members low prices, and quality name brand merchandise. The first Costco was established in July 1976 by a man named Sol Price and his son Robert Price. Costco was a price club before it extended into a warehouse. Nevertheless, the Costco Inc became the number warehouse retailer in the United States building relationships with customer and showing true dedication. Costco does not spend a great deal of money in marketing it is usually through word of mouth. Their customers spread the word because of excellent client service and a quality product they receive with Costco. In the text, it stated 80% of customers annually reports show that customers express their positive experience …show more content…

However, in 1983 in Seattle, Washington Costco was the first warehouse open, and in six years, Costco sales grew from zero to three billion dollars. However, Costco limits price markups on product up to 14% the strategy was too limited price markup was to be sensitive to customers and focus on profit maximize among the most loyal customers was more profitable. In, 2010 In 2015, Costco has maintained the fourth largest (698), retail warehouse in the United States. Costco has 573 warehouses in ninety states. It remains the fastest growing industry in the United States and has the largest membership that has over 81 million members in 2010 (Courtemanche & …show more content…

Nevertheless, an external customer includes everyone. According to this week's text, the connection process several names such as client, patients, passengers, patrons, members, associates, users, buyer, these are the people. The internal customers involve employees inside the business, and without them, the business would not be a success. When employees receive benefit packages to show appreciating the company turnover is not as high as some grocery stores industries. Most of all because of less turnover in the company on that point is less money spent training new hires, and it boosts productivity. Costco requires excellence in the workplace and demonstrates their appreciation given employees fair wages and upright benefits. Being in the workforce when employees feel valuable it helps the business internally and externally (Timm,2014, p. 15). Acknowledging employee’s talent is a way to strengthen the workplace allowing the employees to feel they are relevant to the company. Sending employees to conferences coming back new ideas encourages the employees to work to their full potential. When organization building relationships and communicating with an employee and give employees incentives I believe that would perform better in the workplace. On the external level

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