Cotton Factories Dbq Essay

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Child cotton workers were exceedingly unhealthy /The state of the health of the cotton evidence factories for children is much worse other employments." In the document A :Dr.Ward source House of the Lords committee ,Dr.Ward said accidents were very often admitted to the rilmary through the children 's hands and arms getting caught in the machine. Children who labor in the mills are victims of frightful oppression and killing toll, they have often been crucially beaten by the spinners of the overlookers. This proves the unhealthy nature of the factory, since the children were getting their body parts caught in the machine and getting beaten,"turning crippled." "Last summer I visited three cotton factories with Dr.Clough of Preston and…show more content…
He also said that the workers acquired no breaks and weren’t allowed to sit down. The workers were not taken care of is basically what he is saying. In the online sources document 1 and 13, both being interviews with factory workers William Cooper and Joseph Hebergam. Document 1 Cooper states that the workers had sixteen hours of work and acquired nothing except one period of 40 minutes to eat at noon. He also states that to stay awake, they were frequently strapped and had no time for day school in the sixteen hours of work. Document 13 Hebergam is ill because of the dust in the factories ,being over worked ,and insufficient diet. His brothers death was attributed to infection by being cut by a factory machine. He then stated that there were a dozen who had died during the two and a half years he was there. “At the 1.___ Mill where i worked last,a boy was caught in the machine and had both his thigh bones broke and from his knee to his hip his flesh was ripped up the same as it had been cut by a knife. His hand was bruised, his eyes were nearly torn out and his arms were broken. His sister, who ran to pull him off, had both her arms broke and her head bruised. The boy
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