Creation Sermon VI And God Created All The Beasts Of The Earth, By Jacob Lawrence

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Jacob Lawrence is an African-American artist born September 7th, 1917 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. When Lawrence was 7 he and his family moved from Atlantic City to Harlem, where he experienced the Harlem Renaissance and the Depression. In 1935 Lawrence studied at the Harlem Art Workshop under Charles Alston, where he started creating art with crayons and markers. Alton said that Lawrence was basically teaching himself and all he needed was someone to show him certain techniques and give him encouragement. In 1937 Lawrence received a two-year scholarship to the American Artists School in New York. While in attendance of the American Artists School, Lawrence began to lock down his style, which resembles block printing. Although Jacob Lawrence has created a lot of noteworthy work, his series The Migration of the Negro” is what got Lawrence to be the first …show more content…

Later in his life Lawrence taught at Black Mountain College, where his realistic art style became more stylized. Lawrence’s style consists of vibrant flat colors; geometric shapes and his works are considered social commentary. Jacob Lawrence’s painting Genesis Creation Sermon VI: And God Created All the Bests of the Earth shows his ability to show a scene and evoke movement and sound.
Genesis Creation Sermon VI: And God Created All the Beasts of the Earth (fig.1) by Jacob Lawrence was created in 1989. This painting is the 6th in a series entitled Eight Studies for the Book of Genesis. In this painting Lawrence depicts a church service where the congregation is being taught by the pastor about the 6th day of creation and the biblical verse Genesis 1:24-25. The viewer goes straight to the pastor who is in the

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