Lord Of Flies Monologue

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A sky blazing flame, inside a realm of infinite space. Flames burned the sky red, all over were strange creatures. A myriad of demons and devils flocking in different areas. The putrid odor of the vilest of creatures and the intertwining of various tentacles assaulted the senses as one walked through.

The demons waited near a magnificent black palace, the black gates cut open with a strange rhythmic clicking. A powerful demonic aura burst out, as two predator vertical slits shined from the palace.

A massive winged devil snake trailed out of the palace, its horrifying gaze landed on a particular demon. A horrid large fly, its compound eyes stared back at the devil snake.

“Lord of Flies, where is she?” The serpent hissed releasing a powerful poison, the poison was red and seemed to create a terrifying fog. From the fog, millions of faces appeared in agony. They spalled past the demons on the ground, a few were instantly consumed.
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“Calm yourself, Archdevil. It has succeeded.” The fly intoned

“But there were complications, the devil power was too strong....” The Lord of flies seemed to laugh.

“You bastard, take me there now!” The serpent’s blood red eyes seemed to shine with a malevolent glint.

“Have you forgotten, you cannot cross the world barrier. That child is on the other side, along with its mother’s corpse. HAHAHAHA” The lord of flies sneered as it teased the serpent.

“You dare speak to me like that, Beelzebub.” The serpent hissed in a domineering voice, as it released its full form from the palace. The massive serpent seemed to cover the skies, even the flames made way for its advance.

“Asmodeus, you are not the only one with Hell’s authority anymore.” The Lord of Flies roared as the flames made way for
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