Creon Conflict In Antigone

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In Sophocles play antigone creon pays a primary the king of Thebes. Creon's unorthodox and conflicting views lead to a morally ambiguous character. His need for common good lead to a bad mix or rage and irrational thinking.eteocles death provoques Creon causing his disapproval for antigone's brothers burial. Creon says “ 0 fate of man , working both good and evil ! When the laws are kept how proudly his city stacks . When the laws are broken , what of his city then?” polycelis on Creon's land assured him that he would not get a proper burial. His intention was for his soul to roam the land with no peace at heart. This shows two sides to Creon, one one side his urge for ruling shoes his compulsiveness. One the other hand, he believes that rules

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