Creon Loyalty In Oedipus The King

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Oedipus the king, identifies as an Athenian drama that was written by Sophocles. The play features King Oedipus of Thebes a kingdom that had been struck by significant disasters. In that, there was a drought, and the women become barren. Due to the terrible curse, the king sends Creon who is his brother in law to go and seek advice from Apollo what should be done to resolve the matter. This paper will discuss on how Creon is a positive force in the story because of his unwavering loyalty towards Oedipus. In several instances, Creon shows that he is a loyal individual towards Oedipus. It is signified in the case where he is sent to Apollo to inquire on the curse that befalls Thebes. Creon returns and delivers the message without…show more content…
They plead with the king that he let Creon to go because he is talking the truth. The two show significant aspect of confidence in Creon. He complained that the king had unjustly sentenced him to death an element that Chorus and Jocasta agree with. The two petition and argue that there is no one time that Creon never had in the past told the king false information. It is supported in the case of the interview. Creon declares that he cannot speak more than what he knows (751). It is an act that does not only signify him as an honest man but also indicates that he would not want to misguide the king since he was loyal. He identifies himself as a person who does not dwell on speculation or conjectures. Also, his loyalty to Oedipus is evident when it is realized that it is him who had killed the king. It is disgracing that Oedipus had married his mother. However, Creon does not go mocking or publicizing the information about the king. Although Oedipus pleads that he be banished from Thebes, Creon treats him in a reasonable manner. It is revealed that Creon accused Oedipus of minor terrible things rather than accuse him of being immoral

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