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As a noble king, the mistakes and errors you make can affect you in the future and other people. Creon is a king and he makes a lot mistakes that will affect him and others from death and a lot of sadness. The claim that Creon is a tragic hero is that he was born into nobility, doomed to make serious errors in judgement, and there is a lot of suffering and calamity and its widespread. As being born into nobility is that he said that “ as next in blood of full power of the throne” meaning that he is related to the king. Only noble people are able to become king over generations. Now that he’s king, he can make any laws that he wants. Creon is rich and noble and people respect the people who are higher, especially that he is the king. Being noble has been always a trait of a tragic hero. Doomed to make a serious error in judgement is another trait of a tragic hero and Creon has this trait. The reason he has this trait is …show more content…

A quote that relates that there be a lot of suffering is “ Heamon gathered Antigone close to his arms again, choking on his own blood bright red on her cheek.”this explains that Haemon killed himself all because his father's sentence her to be locked up in a tomb forever and that she killed herself because she didn’t want to suffer like that. The one who loved her most was Haemon and he wanted to kill himself to be with her finally. last quote is “ Great cries burst and for Haemon and her other sons who died and her last breath was a curse to their father for murdering them.” The queen killed herself because her last son killed himself for Antigone and she couldn’t bare it any longer and cursed their father Creon for what he did. When Creon found out that his son and his wife killed themselves he became very sad and wanted to die because he was blind and the power of a king was making him not think about the people that could be

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