Crime Control With Due Process Essay

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Crime Control with Due process Christian Rousselle Lethbridge College

Due process protects the legal rights of the accused, to insure that officials from the Criminal Justice 2 system follows procedures when arresting and processing Individuals. Due process makes sure that innocent people are not convicted of criminal offences that they never committed. The criminal Justice Officials are constantly
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A witness came forward and said that he saw someone else stab Seale. Ebsary was tried and convicted of manslaughter. Due process was not followed during the process and the Justice System officials went against Marshall’s legal rights, as well as the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The reason why the court had found Marshall guilty of murder was not because they believed he did it, but because he was native. In 1990 it was determined systemic racism had contributed to his wrongful imprisonment. "The criminal justice system failed Donald Marshall Jr. at virtually every turn from his arrest and wrongful conviction for murder in 1971 up to and even beyond his acquittal by the Court of Appeal in 1983," the report said.

“Marshall was one of 13 children of Caroline and Donald Marshall Sr., once the grand chief of the Mi 'kmaq nation. Following his exoneration, he became known as a "reluctant hero" to the First Nation for his role in fighting for native rights".

Then in 1999/09/17 Marshall was charged with three offences set out in the federal fishery regulations: the selling of eels without a licence, fishing without a licence and fishing during the close season with illegal nets. He then admitted he had caught and sold 463 pounds of eels without a licence and with a prohibited net. The Crown lawyer argues that the appeal judge made several errors in the

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