Cripples, Bastards And Jones Stark Quotes

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In A Game of Thrones, “Cripples, Bastards, and Broken things” are treated not as great as they should be in the novel as a character. In the novel, the two main characters that seems to represent the name of the chapter is Tyrion Lannister who is a dwarf and Jon Snow who is known as the bastard son of Ned Stark in the story. In the novel, we have seen Jon Snow is the illegitimate son of Ned stark who was always disregard by the last name, Stark. The main reason he was always abandoned by the name of stark is because Ned stark promised his sister that he will never revealed that her son’s uber royal ancestry, so instead of Jon Stark Targaryen, the people knows him as a Jon Snow. Therefore, Bastards are not allowed to get their father’s lands and last name. In the story, Catelyn Stark has always hated Jon Snow because it reminds her that her husband, Ned stark had had slept with another woman especially when the things were bad for the two of them. In the story, many bastards are known to voluntarily join the Night’s watch to seek the prestige and equality. In addition, Jon Snow decided to do the same thing as to volunteer at the Night’s Watch where he will be able to gain some egalitarianism and respect for his name, Snow. …show more content…

“So how do you like the taste of your victories now, Lord Snow?” “Don’t call me that!” Jon said sharply, but the force had gone out of his anger. Suddenly he felt ashamed and guilty. “I never… I didn’t

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