Importance Of Communication In Crisis

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The success of communication in crisis situations depends on three key factors: the presence of the communication plan, part of the general plan for crisis management; formation of a special team - crisis center to deal with the crisis; use of one person to act as keynote speaker during the entire crisis. The communication plan should provide targeted action as to external audiences about the company and to the internal - employees, workers, management and others.
Crisis center.
Planned communication activities should be guided by a specially created Crisis team. Often the crisis center is seen as a miraculous means of resolving critical situations. More than once we have seen replicas of the media that the first measure taken by a company …show more content…

It is charged with having to deal with the media and all other interested audiences (internal - employees and external - victims, their families, etc.); responsible for the dissemination of corporate messages. On the other hand, examining the interests of the public in relation to the information provided by the organization, communication crisis team reflects these expectations in the message of the company. The information shall be re-transmitted to the crisis center so that its members should be constantly aware of what is …show more content…

He also provides follow developments, which may cause a media crisis. In condensed form, he informs the crisis headquarters on the trend of the media environment and the attitude of journalists and the company's position - escalating to a negative or positive steps towards supporting the person responsible for external communication is the most common intermediary in the communication between the organization and its publics. The main objective is to build confidence and preserve the trust at the critical moment when the test is placed legitimacy to the company. In keeping with the pattern of

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