Critical Lens Essay Fahrenheit 451

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Books come with a variety of information whether helpful or entertaining. Many times books teach readers along with those who seek to gain knowledge. Ralph Waldo Emerson stated, "Books are the best of things, well used; abused, among the worst." The basic meaning behind his wise words include the idea that books bring knowledge and keep history along with important information such as science, culture, art, and other ideals being the cornerstone for generations now and to come to learn from the past. However, in contrast, writers abuse the power of books and writing through writing dark, evil, and vulgar concepts. Choosing to write about concepts which bring light should be the standard for writers, however, many people struggle with temptations …show more content…

Emerson's quote brings truth into today's world as writers continue to write vulgar words on paper meant for wisdom.

Many books bring wisdom to their readers. For example, Fahrenheit 451 a novel written by Ray Bradbury exemplifies the idea of writing to bring wisdom and direction to his readers. In the novel, the world burns books to censor what people see and read in order to stop them from thinking for themselves. Subsequently, burned books, media censorship, and unsafe roads are all considered normal. Furthermore, if government censorship grows, citizens will no longer think for themselves and will follow blindly. Fahrenheit 451 helps readers understand the dangers of living in such a world. Another example includes one of religion: the Bible. The Bible describes history and truth, that though all do not believe, all can learn from. The Bible shares stories of evil, punishment, and repentance. Each book of the whole of the Bible is able to teach a lesson to those willing to accept it. It shares the coming …show more content…

Anyone can write a book, which, when considered, can be a very terrible idea. Some write about inappropriate concepts such as novels like After or 50 Shades of Grey. These books describe sexual temptation and people falling into it. Other books such as incantation books meant for witchcraft and satanic worship are also those written for evil purposes. People use voodoo and other evil concepts and write them down for future readers who struggle with thoughts that lead them down the wrong

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