Critical Race Theory Matter Analysis

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When reading the introduction from the text “Critical Race Theory Matters,” I learned some of the main principles that are discussed are that race, history, voice, interpretation, and praxis matters. First, race matters are a central structure of society nowadays and is believed that it isn’t as important because racism has been illegal for many years. “Critical race theorists (2011) believe that not only does racial inequality continue to be embedded in the legal system, but that racial inequality permeates every aspect of social life from minute, intimate relationships, to the neighborhoods we live in, and the schools we go to, all the way to the macro-economic system” (p. 3). The idea that race no longer matters clearly states that racial…show more content…
In historical manner, racialization in every generation has shaped their own identities with opposition and resistance and is a forever changing concept in viewpoints, conflicts, and redefinition. Third, voice against dominant opinions is an effective way to notice how the structures, processes, and practices continue to provide racial inequality. This makes the critical race theory effective for the narratives and stories from the viewpoints of those persecuted. It is a political expression of power relationships and minority perspectives challenge the account from dominant groups. Critical race theorists say the beliefs of master narratives are not objective but are chosen to be by others. Minority perspectives provides educators with tools to oppose the policies and practices from dominant groups and questions their knowledge. Furthermore, interpretation is useful because understanding the problems of race needs to be perceptive from different academic subjects. We rely on our racial background and experiences to make sense of it and provide…show more content…
Lastly, not only is offering knowledge important, but to give this to the struggle for public righteousness. Critical race theory is a basis for action and is intended to transform education to fit the needs of all students. This transformation is for both society and social group’s struggles which is good because it produces integrity. Limitations the critical race theory may have is that racialization can be falsely generalized and stereotyped for any biological factor that people understand as race to describe the differences. Another is there are CRT scholars who have different claims who are either realists or idealists. Strengths the theory contains is that the education system movement reflects the Critical Legal Studies(CLS) with the analysis that shows race as the center problem of inequality. Another reason to help the theory’s approach is that CLS scholars evaluate mainstream ideologies on the U.S. society as a dominant power, but don’t include racism in their argument. Nevertheless, racism is not to be ignored for it plays a much more important
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