Crusades Dbq Analysis

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The Crusades started in 1095 when Pope Urban II wanted to take back Jerusalem. I think the results of the Crusades was more positive than negative than positive since people lost interest in them. Not only that, they killed and abused many innocents.

One of the reasons the Crusades were more negative is because people lost interest in them. For example, in Document 6, it states that they “-didn’t get the support expected.” It also says in the Fourth Crusade, that they attacked Byzantine Empire. Although they won, “-crusading lost much of its appeal to most Europeans.” “Jerusalem stayed under Muslim control.”
This is important to know since this helps understand how horrible the Crusades were. The Crusaders were known to be a group of knights …show more content…

“They also left a bitter legacy of religious hatred behind them.” This reputation shows them to be gruesome knights. The Crusaders also “-sometimes turn their fury to Jews…”
This is important because it supports the fact that they lost attention. They fought for their religion, but was blinded by fury. Their fury turned into victims that shouldn’t be abused. Like Document one said, they attacked Jews. Jews wasn’t part of their plan to take back Jerusalem. People won’t sign up for a group that will fight because of just anger. Crusaders did many inappropriate things that lost people’s interest like being sidetracked and doing unnecessary things. Even with this reputation, it’s not the only thing they did wrong.

A different reason why the Crusades were negative is because they would kill the innocent. In Document 7, it states, “-the crusading knights were often abused and co,,ottoes atrocities against Eastern Orthodox Christians, Jews and Muslims in the areas through which they passed.” This “-made them hated by all groups throughout the region. This is important due to the fact that they’re killing innocents. They killed those who were bystanders. They hurt many along the way just because they’re passing

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