Cultural Contributions Of The Renaissance Dbq

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Have you ever noticed that history gave us a lot of cultural contributions? From the tools created throughout the early civilizations to the new types of innovations created in the Industrial Revolution, it is clear to see that cultural contributions throughout history has made a huge impact on our world. The best example of how contributions influence our culture is in the Renaissance. Throughout this important piece of history, there have been many new types of artwork, literature and inventions. The Renaissance has made a lot of cultural contributions that changed our world. One cultural contribution that the Renaissance created was the new types for artwork. During the Renaissance, most of the artwork was about humanism, which means that most of the artwork focused on humans. For example, Michelangelo, a famous sculptor, created many different sculptures the involved humans and one of his most famous sculptures was Pietà which shows a sculpture of a limp man sitting on a female who is supporting his back with her right hand (Doc A). Another example of artwork that focused on humanism during the Renaissance…show more content…
Throughout the Renaissance a lot of scientific contributions were about humanism and involved many new discoveries in anatomy and medicine. The Renaissance also had people come with new inventions. For example, artist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci sketched a drawing of a machine in which he called the Flying Machine which was modified many times after da Vinci died and became known as the airplane (Doc C). Another invention that was created in the Renaissance was the telescope. One person who definitely used this new invention was astronomer Galileo who used the telescope to look at the moon and make observations about the night sky. The scientific contributions in the Renaissance have also made a huge impact on our world, just like the artwork and

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