Cultural Studies And Cultural Text Analysis By Urpo Kovala

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t: In his article, "Cultural Studies and Cultural Text Analysis," Urpo Kovala discusses the role of textual analysis in cultural studies. He begins with a sketch of different conceptions of textual analysis within cultural studies by pointing to differences in the concepts of text and context themselves. Next, Kovala explores the reasons for including textual analysis as a category and method in cultural studies and in humanities and social sciences scholarship generally. Finally,
Kovala sketches briefly a model for the cultural analysis of text where his main point is that the argument about the incompatibility of cultural studies and textual analysis is untenable today. Instead, what is needed now is a heterological, multi-level, and perspectival notion of both text and context. Urpo Kovala, "Cultural Studies and Cultural Text Analysis" page 2 of 7
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Cultural Studies and Cultural Textual Analysis
Cultural studies is often taken to mean a research orientation emphasising contexts and opposing text-centred analysis, or even textual analysis per se. And indeed, early cultural studies emerged as a reaction against immanent and elitist notions of culture and meaning which were prevalent especially in literary studies. But on the other hand, this reaction did not lead to abandoning textual analysis itself. This links with the fact that the very foundations of cultural studies lie in the intersection of literary

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