Current Day Racism

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There is a relevant and pertinent issue in today 's society: Racism. The topic of racism is that of both active and inadvertently, passive discrimination towards a specific race or ethnicity. Race is defined as observable characteristics between different types of humans. Where ethnicity are perceived attributes whether present or assumed, that is in attributed to a specific race. (Ritzer, 2015) In many cases racism is performed between the more dominant race -in america this is caucasian americans- to the less dominant minorities, Ie: Hispanics, and African Americans.

In order to understand what better ways to get rid of current day racism, i propose a thought experiment to test how people perceive the racism in current day society. The question you must look at before you test to see how to stop current day racism and discrimination is the question, “how do people perceive racism today?” …show more content…

This is because as Michael Kimmel, says in his ted talk, “privilege is invisible” (Michael Kimmel, 2015) seeing as the majority of humans in this country are caucasian americans, one can assume that they will not see the privilege that they have over their possibly more qualified minority counterparts. This study using a survey as an observational study, to collect data on how people perceive the current day standings of racism in the united states and in their own society will help to answer the question, “how do we solve the problem of racism in america, and all over the

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