DBQ Essay: The Green Revolution

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[The green revolution during the 20th century was the boom I will culture that was the result of human determination to break out of a food crisis.] The Green Revolution was caused by technological innovations, human want for food, and human want to escape status and class distinctions. Some consequences of his cousins were large economic effects, less hungry and more hard-working poverty, and let's class distinctions.
The Green Revolution was caused by new technological innovations that resulted in severe environmental effects. Desertification, Deforestation, soil depletion, and water contamination are among some of the consequences of agriculture. An agricultural boom often means that an over farming and an overproduction stage occurs. This result can be worse than the pre-food famine, because now no food is being produced. Water contamination from pesticides and …show more content…

The graph in document 1, a food/population report by the UN, shows a direct relationship between a growing population and the amount of food supply. This rapid increase is made possible by Norman Borlaug's genetically modified crops that made more food on less land and were able to fight off plant diseases. Document 2, a speech given by a president Truman to the struggling citizens, says that many people in a food crisis are in misery and would do anything to escape it. This is fuel for the Green Revolution and its colossal effects on human’s food supply. Document 7 contradicts this thesis because it states that the people who experienced its effects thought it was a contamination to their culture and natural way of life. These people, however, needed this food to survive and surely would have been wiped out by starvation. The Green Revolution was able to solve many hunger conflicts that arose in overpopulated third world

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