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Born in Lodz, Poland, on May 12, 1946, Daniel Libeskind was said to exhibit extraordinary talents and sharp intellect. Libeskind whom grew up in Poland, Israel, and New York was always surrounded in the arts. With the help from his surroundings and upbringing within the arts, young Libeskind discovered he possessed significant skill in music. At the age of six years old, Libeskind appeared on live Polish television playing the accordion. That following year, at the age of seven, Libeskind was considered a virtuoso as he picked up the piano, thus playing both the accordion and piano. At the age of 11, Libeskind moved to Israel with this family and began playing alongside a fellow child prodigy, who played violin, in Jerusalem. Libeskind continued …show more content…

“Anti-Semitism is the only memory I still have of Poland. In schools. On the streets. It wasn’t what most people think after the war was over. It was horrible”, Libeskind told Stanley Meisler of the Smithsonian. His personal experiences with anti-Semitism and his Jewish faith are two aspects of his life that would later become a large part of his passion and success in the world architecture. While still a young boy in Poland, Libeskind’s parents wanted him to learn to play an instrument. Initially the piano which shortly turned into an accordion as his parents believed a piano would have stimulated hostility and bitterness of their neighbors. Shortly after learning the accordion, Libeskind proved to excel in his musical studies and later received public recognition of his abilities. At age 11, Libeskind, his parents, and older sister moved to Tel Aviv Israel. It was when Libeskind moved to Israel that he learned to play the piano. After two years of mastery of the instrument, Libeskind was awarded the American-Israel Cultural Foundation Scholarship that provided the opportunity to Libeskind and his family to move to the United

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