Dante's Contrapasso In The Inferno

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When death takes its path, where do you go? Is there a Heaven or Hell, does the afterlife exist? Everybody has different beliefs, but no one knows what path we take when we are nonexistent. Typically, Heaven is praised and Hell is feared. When you think of Hell you picture endless lands of fire and eternal suffering. After reading The Inferno, Dante changed my perspective on Hell and how things are organized. Dante believes that Hell has different levels based on the sins people have committed. Each sin receives a punishment that fits the severity of the sinners actions. The way these punishments are arranged is called contrapasso. In my opinion, Lucifer’s punishment is the most appropriate contrapasso. Lucifer is known as the “King” of Hell, …show more content…

Head first in the jaws of the middle face of Lucifer is Judas Iscariot because he betrayed Christ. Although Lucifer was punishing other sinners, ever chomp he made was a literal stab in the back, leaving his skin raw and torn. Taking the first place spot is Lucifer’s contrapasso. He is stuck in a frozen river to show he is cold-hearted like the various souls Dante came across in the beginning of Judecca. He once was beautiful, but is now ugly due to his betrayal with Christ. He tears other sinners apart, but in return stabs himself in the back. No matter what, the pain inflicts on others will always inflict pain upon himself. Everything he does will cause him a stab to the back, slowly tearing away greater portions of his skin. Lucifer’s suffering is most appropriate by far, along with the suffering of Brutus, Cassius, and Judas. No matter where we go when death takes over, most people forbid to go to Hell. After reading The Inferno, Dante makes it clear that any sin can suffer greatly. Eternal punishment is not wanted, and the story does make that clear. Out of all the levels I got to experience with Dante and each punishment that came with it, I believe Lucifer’s contrapasso was the worse. With the support of detailed evidence from the story, my opinion is backed up. He committed the most extreme sin and lost his place and beauty in Heaven, proving his punishment will already be very severe. “King” of Hell or not, he suffers the

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