Dante's Monologue

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A mirrored window to the soul ~ Rob Seiders

Take that halo off your head
Tie it around your neck your better off dead
Sinner, angel, self absorbed saint
Narcissistic, liar, covered in red paint

Be fair to yourself and forget about me
Live the life you wanna, go be free
You died in my dreams, forgot you in my heart a needle in the voodoo doll you have to start
25 seconds I laughed with you
But 1 minute later it wasn't enough to chew
I choked on lies and on deception
I rode the tidal waves of our inception
Frost once spoke of taking 2 paths
Dante spoke of feeling his wrath
Inferno, purgatory, heaven and hell
An overgrown path straight to my cell
A cell of torment, greed and hate
I guess you found this out too late
My eyes, hands and feet
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