Dbq Essay On Companies Are Changing The World

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Companies such as Apple have made a big impact on the world and our lives. Apple has affect our lives by changing the way we do things, for example, we started listening to music differently in 2010. Google also has an impact on our lives also, like the way use our emails which happen around 2009. General Electric provides electric and it has a big impact on how we use appliances. In my opinion, I think that these companies are changing the world and making it worse. We should be able to have great technology. Follow me as I discuss about the political cartoon of these companies. In Document 1 14-6, the political cartoon shows a Google van that is driving away quickly and knocking four business men out, they happen to be a Taxi driver, Truck driver, bus driver, and a privacy. In this picture, the cartoonist shows little key words which is “Tweet, Tweet” and some type of words that resembles a curse word, the curse word is significant because they’re showing you how angry the man is. …show more content…

It appears that the men are a little upset about the CEO of GE not paying taxes. Both guys said some angry words which is “It General Electric’s latest product… It bores loopholes in the tax code.” The other guy replied and said “And that why GE doesn’t pay taxes!” This may have happened around March 26, 2011 because it is stated. The cartoon expresses on how the CEO of GE doesn’t pays the taxes but he can manage to make new products that doesn’t seem to grab anyone’s attention but it costs him in taxes. As you can see, the drill and the book seems to be the symbol of everything, it shows you how the CEO of GE doesn’t pay his taxes, instead he tries making new products which he probably can’t afford. People who are against the GE would probably agree that he isn’t doing what he should do with the

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