Theodore Seuss Cartoon Analysis

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Cartoon sketches are usually meant to be designated for children. Theodore Seuss Geisel, the illustrator of the cat in the hat, used Dr.Seuss as his pen name. He’s one of the most famous cartoonists; he did not only target children but also adults through simple cartoons that held deep meanings behind. He also wrote many books that were translated later on into different languages. He first started his career by working for a magazine and drawing ads for a pesticide company. He kept writing and drawing for children books until World War II during which his art work illustrated the American soldiers. He also targeted political figures such as Hitler during the war. Before passing away, he kept the “Secret Art” which is a drawing compilation …show more content…

Since Seuss disliked Hitler and Hirohito, he concentrated his propaganda on those two and the people that followed them. This is one of Dr Seuss’ propaganda cartoons published during the World War II. In the middle of the cartoon is an important political figure, Adolf Hitler. This cartoon is for American citizens. He is inciting American citizen to support the US army during the war, and this by buying “war savings bonds & stamps”. And by doing so, you “insure your home against Hitler”. Hitler at that time was expecting to win the war by spreading fear and terror all over the world, and this is why he looks disturbed and angry when he sees the US army being strengthened. The Nazi sign on his hat is represented in a big dimension to emphasize the terror he was spreading. American citizens, by buying war saving bonds and stamps, are supporting their army against the German army in order not to loose their power and leadership, and thus, they are protecting themselves (their houses) against the Germans. If we analyse further, we can tell that the main colour around Hitler’s face is black, which is a symbol of negativity, death and mourn, whereas the background of the two sentences are white, meaning that if you follow the instructions you will find peace. Here, Seuss related the …show more content…

Hitler is locked inside a cage and looks so tired and disappointed. “Cages cost money” as a title refers to the fact that capturing Hitler requires money and this is why American citizens must “Buy more US savings bonds and stamps”. Hitler is captured and carried by a much smaller animal, which makes him look even weaker. The fact that even a small animal can chain him shows that Hitler can easily be locked but that wouldn’t be possible without the cage, the cage that costs

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