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Imperialism by definition is “the policy of extending the rule or authority of an empire or nation over foreign countries.” India had the largest impact from Imperialism brought upon by the British Imperialist movement that began in 1858. The British rule lasting nearly 90 years caused havoc on the Indian people and the government, although it temporarily improved the economic growth of the nation. According to document seven, “India became an agricultural colony of the industrial England.” There were many positive and negative impacts that came out of the long and unfair firm government laws. An example of a positive advancement for India was the progression of transportation that allows for easy travel for more people. According to document four, over 70,000 miles of paved roads, and 40,000 miles of railway were developed during this time. Even many bridges were built in an effort to mine and gather raw materials for export and development. Western education was brought over and taught to a majority of people. Many parts of India were cultivated to help the agricultural conditions, allowing for more people to make more profits. In document seven it references many factories were built to aid England and advance their trade efforts. Shipbuilding, metal work, glass and paper factories were just a few of the factories developed …show more content…

Shown in document 6, he complained to the English that “You have given us no responsibility in our own government.” Lot of money was taken from the people to support the British government. Later India became dependant on Britain's goods coming in. The British encouraged farmers to grow cash crops causing famine in the country, many starved to death. Also racism was a huge deal because the British saw them as a lower class and having a different culture caused the people to be treated like slaves. Many English men and women did not respect cultural beliefs and religious laws and

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