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Death of Reconstruction What was Reconstruction and why was it killed? After the Civil War from 1865-1877 Abraham Lincoln tried to rebuild the nation. It was the period to unite and restore the political, economic, and social relationship in the southern states with the rest of the nation. Lincoln had a vision of everyone being equal but the South wasn't cooperating and the North eventually gave up killing the dream of Reconstruction. Both the North and South killed Reconstruction but more so the South and here's why. The south rebelled against the North, they would refuse to affect/ move forward with any changes made etc. In Document B a man by the name of Abram Colby was beaten on October 29th, 1869 by Klansmen from the south for 3 hours or more and left for dead. They were wealthy men ones was a lawyer, one a doctor, and others were farmers, they attempted bribe Colby offering 5,000 for him to let another man go to legislature in his place. He refused and was beaten for it and states that “No man can make a free speech in my country. I do not believe it can be done anywhere in Georgia.” …show more content…

A state senator by the name of John W. Stephens from Caswell was brutally murdered by Ku-Klux members. He was stabbed 5 to 6 times then hanged i the Jury room of the Court House. Other state senates feared for their lives that the same would happen to them. In the political cartoon it shows 2 men hanging from a tree with the label “Ohio” on them and a donkey walking away from the tree with the label “KKK” on them. The donkey was used to represent the party of Democrats. The group the KKK was threatening was to anyone who supported the Reconstruction, to put fear into others to not back out and not support

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