New Deal Dbq

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In the Great Depression of 1932, the stock market crashed which caused a lot of Americans to try to sell their stock before the price got too low. For many of the Americans, they lost all their money and became very poor. Many banks shut down due to the lack of money they each contained. In order to fix this, a plan called, “The New Deal” that was created by FDR. The New Deal consisted of many new programs to promote money to the economy so it would be back in the same cycle it was before the Great Depression. The New Deal wasn’t successful because it didn’t actually end the Great Depression and caused deficit spending.

To begin with, the New Deal didn’t actually end the Great Depression. The economy during the Great Depression wasn’t …show more content…

Deficit spending is the government spending more money than it takes in (Source F). In 1934, over $6.2 billion was spent on the New Deal (Oxford, 2016). In 1941, the deficit skyrocketed to $57.2 billion (Oxford, 2016). During the Great Depression, the national debt increased billions of dollars over the course of the decade. The main cause of deficit spending was all of the programs for the New Deal. Many of them, like the WPA, spent lots of many making new jobs or building roads and other buildings. One overall effect of the government practicing the act of deficit spending could cause inflation. During the Great Depression, many people had already gone poor due to the stock market flash. If inflation were to occur it would give the people that lost their money a hard time to buy food, which means supporting a family. In other cases, deficit spending could also cause the taxes to increase to drain extra money out of the economy (Investopedia, 2017). With all these negative consequences in mind, deficit spending was very bad for the economy that caused lots of problems. This reason connects to the claim because it demonstrates the negatives of deficit spending along with the New Deal. After the government spends all their money on everything for the New Deal, it affects the economy by having them pay many taxes. This could cause citizens to move out and populate the area which

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