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When you think of Vikings you think of the blood thirsty pillages who plundered villages and killed many innocents.But the info presented shows that the Vikings were like every other colony back then trying to adapt to the changing world and survive in it.For example document seven says that the Vikings could not keep up with the growing population. This caused food shortages to be common problem which led into Viking raids. This would allow them to keep up with the demand for food.And since the Vikings had expert exploring skills along with their amazingly crafted boats it was very easy to sneak up unsuspecting villages.that not all the Vikings did they had very humble lifestyles back then.

Religion,Vikings believe it or not had a religion which was pagan which consisted of many gods.With this religion Vikings invented their own alphabet.It was called the Futhark it was made up of runes or letters.The alphabet was mainly made up of straight line because it was easier to carve into wood or stone.The used this alphabet to write runes on tombs,historians believe that these writings gave the grave magical protection.this means that they either cherished the dead or they didn 't want to be dragged down to hell.Also believe it or not they would raid for their gods aswell.according to document eight the Vikings …show more content…

did you know that leif ericson norse explorer was the first to discover the continent of north america before columbus.the vikings used cartography to make more accurate maps for making travel easier.They also had tools such as the compass which was first used in 1345 by european sailors and just kept improving.Vikings also possessed astrolabes a device that tells you if you are north or south from the equator these were first used in 225 BC but was available in europe by the eleventh

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