Why Did Christopher Columbus: The Benefit Of The Discovery Of America

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It is know that Christopher Columbus is the one who discovered America first, but surprisingly he is not. There were more people to discover America before him. So why does Christopher take all the credit for discovering America? Columbus takes all the credit because he was the one who opened America to Europe, and he broke the barrier for people to conquer the western side of the world. Besides he also brought disease to America and 90 percent to the population were ill. There is a legend that says that in the sixth century the Irish monks sailed to America, also in the tenth century it is stated that the Vikings explored a place called 'Vinland ' which is now in the Canadian province of Newfoundland. The discovery of America by the Vikings is nearly 500 years before the birth of Columbus. The Vikings are a group of people that came from Europe searching for a new world. And the word Vikings is a catch term from the people that came from Scandinavia which is now Norway, Denmark and Sweden. The word Vikings comes from a language called 'old Norse ' and it means ' a pirate raid ' people who went and joined power together in ships were said to be ' going Viking '. They are also called the Norsemen. Vikings communicated with Old Norse language. Not only Vikings spoke with Old Norse, but also Greenland, Iceland, Scandinavia and other countries, and it is a Germanic language. Erick the red founded the first settlement in Greenland after being expelled from Iceland for

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