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Muslims the people of Islam, have inherited of their culture from Greece, Rome, and India, as well as from those that they have conquered. The Muslims have great tolerance for those that they conquered and because of this they were able to advance scholarship to its highest level, in several areas. As a result of this, the achievements that the Muslims have achieved stand out, and have a long lasting impact on the cultures of our world today.

Islam has achieved many incredible feats, in various subjects, in literature and art, math, science and in the medical field.

Some of the great achievements in the literature and art field that the Muslims have accomplished include, having a boasting "37 libraries, numberless bookstores, [and] 800 …show more content…

This form of math was created by Al-Khwarizmi, he studied Indian sources and later wrote a textbook about this type of math (Document 4). Muslim scholars also made many advances in trigonometry, astronomy and mapmaking. They developed ways to study astronomy and to create maps, by using trigonometry and other forms of math (Document 5).

There was also great advances in science, science was used in many different parts of Islamic culture, such as religion were "The faithful... relied on" "astronomers to calculate the times of prayer and the direction on Mecca" (Document 1). Scholars also used astrolabes and armillary sphere 's in order to study the skies, so that they could "make calculations for their calendars and maps" (Document 5).

Although the Muslims made great advancements in these other fields, they made the greatest in the medical field of study. This was probably the most advanced because "Muslims had practical reasons for supporting the advancement of science" and medicine. The "rulers wanted qualified physicians treating their ills" (Document 1). The Islamic doctors learned how to treat the ill and then wrote their findings down in books. Some of this books included "a medical reference encyclopedia, the Comprehensive Book and Treatise on Smallpox and Measles" by al-Razi. Another medical book was written by Ibn Sina, he wrote the "five-volume The Canon of Medicine" (Document

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