De Jure Segregation Essay

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Discuss the impact that industrialization had on racial stratification of American Americans: from slavery to segregation
Industrial technology began to transform American society in the early 1800’s, but the effects were not felt equally throughout the regions. The first states to industrialize were the northern states. While the northern states industrialized the plantation system and agricultural production continued to control in the south. This economic diversity contributes to one of the primary causes of the regional conflict that eventually led to the Civil War. Since there was more productive technology in the North they had more resources and defeated the South in the Civil War. Slavery was abolished and the black-white relations in the South entered a new era once the Civil War ended in 1865. After the war, the southern system of race relations was designed to continue the control of African Americans. The system was also intended to eliminate any political or economic threat from the African American community.
De Jure Segregation:
The system that replaced slavery in the South was De Jure Segregation. De Jure Segregation refers to racial segregation that is institutionalized in local and state law. De Jure Segregation is often referred to as Jim Crow system. Under the De Jure Segregation, the minority group is …show more content…

Colleges and universities have been involved in affirmative action programs. An example is a recent court case Schuette versus BAMN. In April 2014, the Supreme Court upheld an amendment to the state constitution of Michigan that banned the use of race as a factor in admission and hiring decisions in all state agencies. The decision ended affirmative action, in any form, in Michigan and in several other states with similar

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