Dead Certain Summary

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Dead Certain: The Presidency of George W. Bush is a completely bias book. This book would be useful in a psychology class on what is the mental capacity of a self- centered and extremely conceded president when complementing his own judgement. The author is also majorly opinionated towards Bush because he got his information from Bush himself. He used to be an editor for Texas monthly. Robert Draper is no more than a gossip journalist that has a bias opinion of Bush’s proceedings and decisions. The only reason he wrote this book was of because his own self-interest. If you are interested in a person, then you already possess an opinionated view of that person. In this book, he does not list any consequences of Bush’s actions as the president …show more content…

This author has a bias opinion of Bush but he was so for off with his views of a good president. Page 3 The author, Robert Draper, beside the one sided views of Bush’s presidential decisions, this book is well organized. It clearly states the sequence of Bush’s presidency. It even expresses the race that lead up to George W . Bush becoming the president. It even lists how George W. Bush’s policies are made in order and is also has the actions to increase the national security of America in order after September 11, 2001. In my experience with people that talk highly of themselves it is all talk. It is why people that have done bad things always talk about their good deeds. They are just hiding the fact that they are bad people and they make bad decision. I just hate how this book basically ignored the fact that George W . Bush was a bad president, which was responsible for sending our troops to get even with a bunch of terrorists. His rushed executive orders has put countless of soldiers in the Middle East and we are just getting troops out of the Middle East now. This book is expressing a very arrogant

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