The Importance Of Foreign Relationship In The United States

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The United States’ relationships with other countries has been ever changing since the founding of our country. The ways in which countries communicate is quite important because if something goes wrong, it could lead to war. Providentially, the men in positions of power have always wanted to maintain good relations as well as establish the US as a world leader. Through many processes, the US slowly gained the respect of other countries and was able to make decisions that affected the balance of power in the world. However, some presidential tactics in solving foreign affairs had never before been seen and changed the course of history. Three presidents that used the most unorthodox, yet efficient methods in dealing with foreign affairs were Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and Harry S. Truman. Their approaches in solving foreign affairs set …show more content…

A United States president had not yet been asked to negotiate other countries treaties. This once again shows that Roosevelt’s presidency revolved around acting in ways that no other president had needed to. Due to the fact that the Roosevelt was in charge, he was able to keep American interests in mind. Being in a position of power in another country allowed him to make decisions that would have never been reached, had he not been asked to intervene by the Japanese. He realized from the beginning that approaching the issue from a different angle would benefit the United States. This led to Roosevelt taking economic effects into mind when considering the agreements of the treaty. Roosevelt had already created a powerful image of the United States with his unorthodox methods in the construction of the Panama Canal and now, he had done so again with the Treaty of Portsmouth. No other presidents had used the United State’s image as power so thoroughly and he had done so multiple times throughout his

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