Deana Baker: My Mother Is My Role Model

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Deana Baker is a mother of three boys. Each letter of their name begins with a J. She was raised in OKC and a long time later took a job at the Choctaw Casino. Her job requirements are to book entertainment at the casino like Kiss, Heart, The Band Perry, and Little Big Town. She is a mom that finds time for her work and kids.
My mom has taken care for me still and has raised me my whole life. She used to participate in different school and church activities to help everyone. When she cleans the house, she makes it look like brand new and it has seemed like no one has ever lived in it before. She cleans often sometimes because she has three boys. When my brothers and I don’t know what to do in certain situations, we ask our mom and she gives …show more content…

She is very intelligent because she knows how to use Excel, balance her check book, handle money wisely, and talk to people with ease. She keeps herself busy by finding new entertainment every month so the casino will be busy. Being a crazy sports fanatic is an all-time high for her because she used to play softball, cheer, and soccer. She also can cheer you up with a corny joke or put a smile on your face when you get down.
My mother is my role model because she has made me into what I am today. I follow in her footsteps because I would like to have an amazing job like her one day. I would like to be able to travels for sports or my job. She has pushed me to the best of my abilities every day and she’ll keep doing it. I’ll have to remember everything she taught me because I will be living on my own one day. She knows what is important for yourself and what isn’t because I barely know that yet. I can go out and buy a $500 dollar TV from my first paycheck and not pay anything else.
Deana Baker is a mother of three that always finds time for her family. She knows how to balance her check book and talk to people with ease. She always wants to contribute with school programs. She has an amazing job where she meets different bands and artists all the time. She has met many managers all through the music industry that they all know her as a close

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