Satire On Cheerleaders

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"Let's go Blue Devils!", "Fire it up big blue!", "We're number one!", "Let's goooo!” All of those sayings are extremely familiar to just about anyone. You instantly are taken back to high school and being under those Friday night lights. You remember the smell of the grass, the sound of the band, and cheering along with everyone else in the stands. Then you see it, or her. The cheer captain. The "most perfect girl in school". You are either one of two things at this age: the guy wanting to be her boyfriend or the girl wanting to be her.
Cheerleaders are fascinating. They flip, jump, throw people up in the air, and seem to be perfect while doing it. They have their own little world. Their own little lingo, which only other cheerleaders understand. …show more content…

She was born in southern California to a loving young couple. Her mom and dad were both very young when they had her, 20 and 21 to be exact. They also both happened to be in the military. This caused her to move around a lot and never really be able to have a good steady group of friends. It also caused her to be strong, outgoing, independent, and friendly. A natural leader if you would say so. She was never really sure what she wanted to do or get involved in while she was going through school. When she got old enough she decided she wanted to live somewhere steady so she moved in with her aunt and uncle in Sylvania, Georgia. Her parents shortly after got deployed so it wasn't a hard adjustment at first. She attended school at Screven County High School and decided to try out for the cheerleading squad. When asked why cheerleading, she replied that she saw the way cheerleaders were; how they all were friends and seemed like a good way to get involved, plus everyone loves a cheerleader. She went on to make the cheerleading team her freshman year and cheer until her senior year, in which she was voted cheer captain. That same year her parents died while deployed in the Military. Naturally all of the rumors swarmed. She lost her friends and became looked down on by everyone else because she lost her parents and lived with her aunt. Guys figured they could move in …show more content…

So when we see a cheerleader on a movie shaking her butt and walking around in her short skirt we save that in our memory as a cheerleader. Then later on when we see a girl in a t-shirt that has to do with cheerleading, we remember the girl from the movie and apply those memories and set of characteristics to her and group them together. The problem with that is we don't actually know that girl to be able to apply those memories to her. We don't even know if that is really her shirt. It could be her roommates and she is not even a cheerleader and we know consider her a girl who shakes her butt and wears a short skirt because she had on a cheerleading related

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