Death Of A Salesman Resilience Essay

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To be resilient is to withstand various difficulties with strength and intelligence. Resilience is a very difficult characteristic to achieve. Resilient people express a desire to persevere, grow, and adapt to life challenges. Many factors affect the ability to be resilient. Citizens with a strong socioeconomic status often have greater resilience. These people are gifted with the opportunity of better resources. As well, adversity heavily affects resilience. Different races, ethnicities, and genders create various challenges in the real world. These challenges affect the ability to be resilient. Through a gender lens, women are faced with more difficulties in the workplace, their relationships, and life itself. This causes women to grow to …show more content…

The varying socioeconomic backgrounds affect resilience in the characters. For example, Willy Loman is faced with the challenge of resilience from a very young age. The character comes from a poor socioeconomic background, in which he struggles to meet financial needs. Throughout his life, Willy has tried to overcome poverty and step away from his family’s past. Willy does not follow in his father and brother’s footsteps. This represents his ability to be resilient by following his own dreams. As well, it represents a confidence within the character to venture off into his own career. This characteristic of courage correlates to resilience. Furthermore, Willy wants to achieve the American Dream by becoming a successful salesman. He dedicated his entire life to achieving this goal, “‘We've been talking in a dream for fifteen years,’” (Miller 81). The Loman family heavily focuses on achieving this higher economic status. This further illustrates resilience by Willy’s ability to make a plan and attempt to accomplish his dream. Additionally, America is obsessed with having a high socioeconomic status. Without this high class, people are viewed as lower members of society. Moreover, a higher socioeconomic status correlates with a higher ability to be resilient. This is evident because richer people have more opportunities to attain resilience. In conclusion, resilience is demonstrated through the overcoming of family

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