Deception's Deception In Hamlet

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Analyzing The Deceptions in The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark In The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark by William Shakespeare the reader is brought into a story of a heartbroken son and a kingdom that is filled with deceit every which way. Focusing primarily on the deceit brought about by Prince Hamlet and the reasoning behind using so many lies and plots towards those around him. Hamlet can be described as having untrust for people and to even lead to his actions being seen as “madness” to others. For the people closest to him question whether his emotions and his motives for doing certain things are all just an act or if he truly has lost it after his father’s death. These continues behaviors and dishonesty throughout the story carry a certain motive that contribute a great meaning to the work as a whole. The main motive for Hamlet’s deception come from when he is visited by …show more content…

But, in this decet there lies an even greater one for Claudius doesn’t have any intentions of sending Hamlet off for safety reasons but to have him assassinated away from the castle. Our sovereign process, which imports at full,/ By letters congruing to that effect,/The present death of Hamlet. (4.3.64-6) The plot thickens even more when Hamlet learns of what is to come of him from a warrant for his death. Hamlet 's actions after learning this information shoes truly how unforgiving, steadfast, and has lost all care for even those he once called friends by changing his name in the warrant to those of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. This decet made by Hamlet upon his friends was intended to keep himself alive and could be in a way, sending a message to Claudius that he’ll do whatever is necessary in order to stay alive and kill

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