Definition Essay: How Does Race Define Us?

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How does race define us? Since the end of segregation racial integration has dominated our social world. Our race has been a hot button topic. The examination of an individual on the basis of their character, culture and actions is often preceded by baseless judgement. The topic demonstrates the social flaws that we share as a society; an argument for or against the judgment of an individual on the basis or race. Regardless of an individual 's perception of the issue, both sides of the topic demonstrate compelling arguments. There are people who will debate that race is a positive and distinguishing factor in an individual 's character, culture and actions; and those who assert that race is a phenomenal tool, a motivational tool to achieve one 's success in the world.
Our race, our heritage is an invisible bond. Many examples exist in history. …show more content…

Social clicks are prevalent in everyday life, especially for teens and young adults. While these localized group of friends may make the individual feel accepted, they can also cover-up some very important characteristics of an individual 's personality. This is especially true if the characteristic or skill is not widely accepted within the individual 's group of friends. Furthermore, every single individual on earth has a certain skill-set that is completely unique to them. These certain skills, if used correctly and not hidden will provide them with a greater sense of what their purpose in life is, as well as provide them with a road map to things they will excel at. Race alone does not give people any real idea of who they are or even who they will become. These are all characteristic that are determined throughout an individual 's developments into adolescence and through adulthood. All that an individual needs to become an original human being is a supporting family or group of friends that will let the individual grow in his own ways. Regardless of race if these needs are met the person will grow into a

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